PRISON MINISTRY.  ‘’ I was in prison and you visited me.’ (Matthew 25: 36).

Most of the men and women we encounter behind bars have hurting hearts and are desperate to experience Christ’s love and forgiveness. Many of them have been disowned by their families and forsaken by their friends.

GCOM team brings the light, love and friendship of Jesus Christ into the lives of the prisoners. They learn they are forgiven, and they learn they are loved and accepted. It is truly a life changing and often a life saving experience.


GCOM team make regular visits to different hospitals and health centers. Our goals during visits is to share the good news, pray and to bring comfort to the sic k and the care givers.             We also give them some gifts such as Bibles, pampers, toilet papers, sugar, soap and many others .However,  this possible through donations from our faithful friends and partners.


GCOM team reaches out to different schools and these include primary schools, Secondary schools, and tertiary institutions of learning. Our mission is to give young people an opportunity to know, love and serve their God. We share the love of Christ to the students through sports and games, music dance and drama, showing Christian movies. We also inspire them through testimonies (our own stories) and through guidance and counseling and prayer so that they decide and choose to live for God. We normally encourage the new believers to join the fellowship to make them grow spiritually and also to make our work of follow up on the new Christians a little bit easy.


Every time we reach out to people living in slums we realize the urgent need for evangelism. People in slums are not unreachable – simply unreached. We should be more concerned with reaching the lost than pampering the saved. When we go to slums we share the love of Christ with people who are addicted to drugs, alcohol, sexual immorality and all sorts of bad habits and we have seen many lives being transformed with the love of Jesus Christ.


GCOM team believes that winning the world to Christ means winning individuals. Therefore, we have learnt that door to door evangelism is one of the most effective ways to share our faith with individual unbelievers. GCOM team goes to people’s homes and shares with them the gospel, it’s an interactive way of sharing the good news. We give people opportunities to ask questions about our faith and our team members answer those question. In the end we give them an opportunity to give their lives to Christ. Hundreds have given their lives to Christ through door to door evangelism


We nurture new Christians and create an environment that encourages spiritual growth. (1cor 3:6) Jesus modeled discipleship. He invested invested in 12 men over the three years of His earthly ministry. He prayed for them, He taught them, He empowered them and He sent them and us (Matthew 28:19-20). We also believe that disciples grow when they invest in others, like a teacher benefits more than a learner.


We do have fellowships where we meet, encourage and equip each others as ministers of the gospel. We also seek God’s will  and guidance for the ministry.


We are actively involved in spreading the good news of Jesus Christ and helping to meet needs in the community. We do street clean ups, we dig and clear wells  and so many other activities.