Give a Bible…

The word of God is life, help us give it to those who can’t afford to buy it.


We seek to strengthen the Christian church in the poorest regions of the world.

We does this by giving pastors the training, Bible and materials they need, teaching them to expound the Bible more effectively. GCOM believes this is key to discipling members of growing churches. About 2m pastors in these poorest places who have had little or no training in how teach the Bible, faithfully and competently.

Our vision is, under God, considerably to expand the current work. This will enable many more of these pastors to be trained so that they will be better able to feed their congregations.

GCOM focuses especially on places where resources and assistance are desperately needed and where they are, often, simply unavailable. These include Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe.

Pastors there often struggle to meet the basic spiritual needs of their people. They lack adequate Bible training and the study materials required to understand and preach the Word of God effectively. That in turn makes them poorly equipped to care for their churches.

They are also faced with the spread of Islam; the prosperity gospel; the influence of various non-Christian sects and longstanding inherited tribal beliefs. These sometimes appear overwhelming challenges, and the pastors themselves acknowledge that they need to be better equipped for ministry.

Responding to requests for help from Africa, and elsewhere,  provides training facilities tailored to their particular needs. It focuses on those pastors who find it hard to obtain the training and support they require.

seek to help pastors in the developing world to preach and feed their people with sound exegetical biblical truth.

GCOM does this by training and mentoring untrained pastors through local conferences.